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Stupid Bait and Switch Marketing

I was reading the New York Times, learning from Thomas Friedman about the myriad of Islamic uprisings that are about to occur and I was presented with the attached ad. Here is a another great example of dumb advertising (see a video on the same topic). Bluepay is an ISO (independent sales organization), basically a […]

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5 Project Management Tools That Will Triple Your Startup’s Productivity

If you’re working in a startup, chances are the only project managements tool you have around is your whiteboard. The whiteboard is great for brainstorming ideas, but as your company continues to grow and you bring on more and more people, you might want to upgrade to a more formal web-based project managment tool. Learn some secrets about productivity in this article.

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How Can A Free Conference Call Be Free?

At FeeFighters, we’re constantly on conference calls with other companies. We’re a scrappy startup, so we use free services when we can. I’ve been using a free conference call line from for the past year, and wondering – how is it free? I chose freeconferencecall because they were the first link on a google […]

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[Weekly Kick] What is a personal guarantee?

Lots of times FeeFighters users ask us what a personal guarantee is and when/why they have to sign on. This week’s kick addresses that issue as Sean talks the basics on personal guarantees. Video Transcript: When you apply for a merchant account, the credit card processor, and we’ll probably ask you to sign a personal […]

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7 Steps To Zappos-Quality Customer Service

By the time we talk to business owners, many have been burned by a credit card processor. They reach out because they have been lied to, promised lower rates, and altogether feel cheated. As the first point of contact for these users, I have a thin line to toe when establishing their trust and showing […]

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