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[Weekly Kick] What is a Chargeback?

Tis the season for…chargebacks. What exactly is a chargeback, and what happens when one occurs? More importantly, what should you as a merchant do to deal with chargebacks and how can you prevent them in the future? Sean answers these questions in this week’s FeeFighters Weekly Kick.   What is a Chargeback Video Transcript: This kick […]

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[Weekly Kick] What is a Gateway?

This week, the FeeFighters Weekly Kick is about gateways. Sean, the CEO of FeeFighters, explains exactly what is a gateway and why you might need to have one. For more about gateways, click here.   What is a Gateway Video Transcript: To accept credit cards online, you need not only a credit card processing account, also […]

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What Happens When A Credit Card is Swiped?

It seems as simple as sliding a credit card through the terminal and signing a slip, but what actually happens behind the scenes is a pretty intricate process. Information flows through many different channels, so take a look at this infographic to get a behind the scenes look at what happens when a credit card […]

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What is Interchange, Again?

FeeFighters uses Interchange Plus pricing in our credit card processor marketplace. The biggest chunk of change that processors charge is Interchange, but what does that really mean? Two of the things that confuse merchants the most are: Why they are charged different amounts when different kinds of cards are used Who gets to keep the […]

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What is the Difference Between a Credit Card Processor and an ISO?

A FeeFighters user recently asked this question: Sometimes I see entities refer to themselves as credit card processors and sometimes as ISOs. What is the difference between these two? Here is our answer: The Green Sheet defines credit card processors (also known as merchant account providers) as: Processor: A processor is any entity that is physically […]

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Personal Guarantee

A personal guarantee is when one of the owners or principals of a business extends his/her personal credit to back up liabilities incurred by the business such as business loan.  Corporations in the US and most other countries have limited liability for the owners.  That limited liability was an important legal innovation because it allowed large groups […]

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Largest Merchant Acquirers

This article originally appeared on, a blog started by one of our founders, Sean, before he started FeeFighters. Here is a list of the largest merchant acquirers in the U.S.  as estimated by the Nilson Report.  In this context the definition of Acquirer is a little bit strained, because it includes ISOs and processors […]

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Merchant Account Without Personal Guarantee

By default, merchant account providers require a personal guaranteefrom their customers.  The reason is that most small businesses would not be able to function without the continued involvement of the owner(s), so extending credit to a business without the owner as guarantor runs the risk that the owner could walk and stick the merchant account provider with liability. Merchant […]

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Feefighters Acquired

FeeFighters Acquired! Recently FeeFighters was acquired by Groupon.  It has been 3 years since we started the company as a hobby and 2 years since we raised angel money and went full time on the business.  Our goals have always been to help small businesses run more efficiently, and by teaming up with Groupon, a […]

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