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Does Your Business Need a Facebook Store

You may have seen that little Store tab on a Facebook page recently and asked yourself, “does my business need a Facebook store?” On the plus side, many Facebook store applications are free to integrate and launch and everybody and their grandma is on Facebook during all waking hours. On the minus side, are users […]

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7 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Business

Inc. Magazine interviewed Brian Hamilton, who is the CEO and co-founder of Sageworks, an Inc. 500 honoree.  His company deals with financial information, and he had this advice for all entrepreneurs about what financial mistakes to avoid in business. Mistake #1: Counting on Money That’s Not in Hand According to Hamilton, hiring people on the basis of […]

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What is the Next Pinterest?

Initially launched in 2010, Pinterest has quickly jumped from being the secret of a cool few to one of the lead sources of head scratching from men everywhere. While some might argue that social bookmarking could replace the actual act of consumerism itself, there is no doubt that sites like Pinterest can also serve to […]

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Solopreneur? Here’s How to Find a Tax Preparer

If you run your business as a sole proprietorship, you may have noticed something fishy around tax season: it can be downright difficult to find a seasoned tax preparer who is willing to take on solopreneurs as clients.  Why?  Most schools are great at teaching the ins and outs of corporate taxes, but when it comes […]

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Do You Know What Makes Up Your Credit Score?

Since most small business owners rely on their personal credit to set up accounts with vendors and get credit in other venues, it’s important to maintain the best possible credit rating.  And in order to do that, you have to know what areas of your credit history affect that score.  Here’s a rundown of the […]

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What Can Google+ Do For Online Retailers?

While Google+ continues to take its knocks for being the less-frequented version of Facebook, new Google+ features for businesses could earn it a little more respect (and visits). Facebook may still be killing Google+ in the social networking department, but Google+ can offer online retailers something that Facebook can’t: a direct connection to the biggest search engine […]

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