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Choosing a processing company can be one of the hardest steps in getting your business off the ground. This guide will lead you through all aspects of the contract and help you negotiate the best possible deal therefore saving your business money. Check it out now!

Closing a merchant account is a process that all business owners should be familiar with. Go about it the wrong way and you could befit with fees, retained funds or other challenges. Fortunately, these are easily avoided with some tips and best practices. Keep reading and learn everything you need about this process.

Switching merchant services can be huge pain! Read our guide that will provide all you need to know to successfully switch merchant services in order to maximize your profits. Check it out now!

Late credit card payments can have a devastating impact on your credit score, not to mention the lost profits from late fees. This guide will help you get a late credit card payment waived. Check it out now!

No one’s denying it—times are tough, and small businesses everywhere are feeling the brunt of the slumping economy.  Even businesses who have never before felt a cash crunch are beginning to wonder how they will handle things if sales don’t increase—soon. The worst thing a business owner can do when facing a financial crisis is […]

If your business uses a payment gateway or is thinking about using one to facilitate online and mobile payments, take a look at this article to help you understand the fees involved .

As a business owner, you know the necessity go a payment gateway. Do you know the different types of payment gateways? Check out this comparison guide to ensure you are using the one that maximizes your business' profits. Read more now!

Sometimes people will ask what we do. Basically we translate credit card into english and act like an accountant or lawyer fighting for our clients money. Here is a video of us explaining some of the fees on a statement.

Is your business looking to process credit cards through an app? Check out this article to learn the key things to consider when choosing which app is best for your company. Read it now!

Your customers want to pay with credit cards. That means your business pays a processing fee. This guide will help you understand everything there is to know about credit card processing fees. Check it out now!

The credit card processor you choose for your small business can have a huge impact on every aspect of your business. Use this guide to ensure you are choosing a processor that is right for your needs. Read it now!

Chargebacks are a a part of doing business, but do you know the steps to take when your business rebuts the chargeback? Follow this guide to help you make the most effective case and save your business from loss of profits. Check it out now!

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