A personal guarantee is when one of the owners or principals of a business extends his/her personal credit to back up liabilities incurred by the business such as business loan.  Corporations in the US and most other countries have limited liability for the owners.  That limited liability was an important legal innovation because it allowed large groups […]

Have you ever read one of those annoying sales letters online that are blatant advertisements thinly veiled as a letter from a concerned business person who wants to help others? Headlines such as “I made a million dollars and want to show you how to do the same!” or “I Want to Teach You What […]

It’s a statistic I’ve heard time and again, and one that is often brought up when I mention I work at a startup: 90% of new businesses fail within a year of operation. Mark Henricks, reporting for BNet, recently reported that the factoid is completely incorrect…in fact, no one quite knows where it comes from. Here […]

If you’re in business for yourself, then you certainly understand the importance of establishing business credit.  After all, when you’re granted a large job or need to expand your business, you’ll likely need to have a line of credit to tap into in order to carry the weight of the up-front expenses. And aside from […]

Often times when I’m shooting the breeze with people who run startups, a question that comes up is  “How do people find you?” There is no secret sauce, and the answer is different for different companies.   For us, there are 6 main ways that we think people find us. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – […]

I was reading the New York Times, learning from Thomas Friedman about the myriad of Islamic uprisings that are about to occur and I was presented with the attached ad. Here is a another great example of dumb advertising (see a video on the same topic). Bluepay is an ISO (independent sales organization), basically a […]

I just discovered the website My Wife Quit Her Job, and let’s just say I’ve done quite a bit of browsing through the site’s many fantastic articles and resources. Steve Chou’s experience running a wedding linens online store and using his experience to create even more value by sharing with readers is fantastic. Steve shares 10 ways […]

Restaurants in Louisiana are suing makers of their point-of-sale systems after hackers stole tens of thousands of dollars by stealing credit card numbers. These restaurants maintain that companies who made and resold the systems should pay up on the fines put forth by payment processors after the hack. They have filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that […]

FeeFighters Acquired! Recently FeeFighters was acquired by Groupon.  It has been 3 years since we started the company as a hobby and 2 years since we raised angel money and went full time on the business.  Our goals have always been to help small businesses run more efficiently, and by teaming up with Groupon, a […]

You may have seen that little Store tab on a Facebook page recently and asked yourself, “does my business need a Facebook store?” On the plus side, many Facebook store applications are free to integrate and launch and everybody and their grandma is on Facebook during all waking hours. On the minus side, are users […]

One of the coolest parts of being part of the startup community is the amount of information and success / failure secrets that are shared between founders. Here are some high-quality resources for learning great lessons from world’s top entrepreneurs and investors. Mixergy If you want the ultimate guide to entrepreneurship, Mixergy is the site […]

According to Paul Graham, startup density is what saves startups in places like Silicon Valley, as it provides: An environment that encourages startups Chance meetings with helpful people A social norm of optimism Now, the idea that high startup density (a large number of startups relative to your city size), increases your startups’ chances of success […]

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