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At FeeFighters, we help many of our customers in the restaurant industry save money on credit card processing. It’s an interesting industry we wanted to learn more about, and in our research we found all this fun stuff that we put into an infographic! We were surprised to learn that people spend $1.7 billion *each […]

By SEAN M&A Basics There is a general process that holds true for M&A processes. For purposes of this discussion, we will be taking the potential buyers point of view. This walk through is of course a simplified, high-level walk through but it should provide a useful base. We will be adding more details and examples […]

Earlier this year, we wrote an investigative blog post criticizing the BBB’s pay-to-play policies. Many of you (including the Today show) were interested in our research. A few months later, we received a nasty letter from the BBB threatening that they would freeze our accreditation if we didn’t take down the post. We wrote back asking for a […]

This is a guest post from our friends at ReTargeter. By now virtually everybody knows that online advertising is crucial to driving sales and spreading awareness for your business. Over $72 billion will be spent on ads in the United States alone by the end of 2011, and online advertising is the fastest growing segment of […]

Inc. Magazine interviewed Brian Hamilton, who is the CEO and co-founder of Sageworks, an Inc. 500 honoree.  His company deals with financial information, and he had this advice for all entrepreneurs about what financial mistakes to avoid in business. Mistake #1: Counting on Money That’s Not in Hand According to Hamilton, hiring people on the basis of […]

A company’s success largely depends on the quality of their employees, and their ability to attract employees who will make a positive addition to the company.   But many small businesses are at a disadvantage simply because they normally can’t afford to pay for many of the perks that their larger competitors do.  So they end up […]

The federal government is making strides in ensuring that women owned businesses get a larger piece of the funding pie. And rightfully so.  Last year, only 3.4% of all federal dollars were granted to women owned businesses, despite the fact that they account for 11% of total business revenue and employ 13% of the nation’s […]

When many small business owners hear the word sales, or come across a discussion of how to increase their conversion rates, they automatically tune out. But the truth is that sales are what allow a small business to keep operating, and unless owners master the art, they’ll never be able to take their businesses to the […]

A month ago, I wrote an article decrying the Better Business Bureau as nothing more than a scam. It was a popular post… it raised the eyebrows of the folks at the Today show, who published it on their website.   Around the same time, we received our huge plaque from the BBB telling us that we were […]

Initially launched in 2010, Pinterest has quickly jumped from being the secret of a cool few to one of the lead sources of head scratching from men everywhere. While some might argue that social bookmarking could replace the actual act of consumerism itself, there is no doubt that sites like Pinterest can also serve to […]

If you run your business as a sole proprietorship, you may have noticed something fishy around tax season: it can be downright difficult to find a seasoned tax preparer who is willing to take on solopreneurs as clients.  Why?  Most schools are great at teaching the ins and outs of corporate taxes, but when it comes […]

GiveForward is an awesome Chicago startup that helps loved ones raise money for family members who need help paying out of pocket medical expenses. They have helped families raise over $5 million so far! One of their biggest expenses? You guessed it…credit card processing fees.   Video Transcription: My name is Desiree Vargas Wrigley and I […]

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