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On Tuesday, I spent the day spreading FeeFighters love and learning about other Midwest startups at Midventures LAUNCH, a midwest startup conference. Though I didn’t get to really listen to many of the great panelists who spoke throughout the day (I was parked at the FeeFighters table) I felt like there were a few central […]

Someone asked today about a Sam’s Club Merchant Account.  Sam’s Club resells a first data merchant account to it’s customers (Costco has a similar program – the Costco Merchant Account). Sam’s Club and Costco both haveincredibly good deals on most of their products, so it stands to reason that they would offer a good deal on their credit […]

An article in WalletPop drew my attention. It talks about the most overpriced products on the market. Not that they are expensive. But do you know what is the markup on a product you use? Convenience comes with a price, says the writer Aaron Crowe. But sometimes knowing the markup is enough to propel you into action […]

By RENATA STERNFELD-ALLON To figure out how much an employee really costs, the trick is to divide the annual salary by 1000. But, where does this trick come from, and what can it teach you about your business? An article in Small Business Trends explains this very carefully including instructions on how to do it yourself. Here […]

Since the legislation to help small businesses weather the storm in still stuck with the legislators, it’s good to know that on the state level there are some programs that aim to help small businesses. In a recent article in Forbes.com (with the help of CB Insight, a New York firm that tracks private company funding trends), […]

As promised, we have created a sample indication of interest (IOI) to help our readers understand what a typical IOI looks like. As you read the document, you will notice that is generally follows our outline from our Indication of Interest post. This IOI is not meant to be a perfect fit for all situations. […]

In an effort to do some targeted advertising, I decided to try Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. My assumption before the experiment was that LinkedIn would be much more effective and have higher CTRs because it is a professional sphere whereas Facebook is more informal. I started with Facebook Ads, designing 3 different ads in […]

There has been a lot of discussion in the entrepreneurial community about the seeming lack of women, especially in technology. Earlier this year, Vivek Wadhwa of TechCrunch posted a interesting article which discussed the notion that VCs are less likely to foster relationships and eventually invest in companies with women founders because of the hidden or systematic […]

If you are an ecommerce business and you are paying more than 2.00% + 0.20 per transaction (so $2.20 for a $100 transaction or $0.40 for a $10 transaction) you likely could get a better deal – more info below. There are lots of costs involved in credit card processing.  But the largest is Interchange, […]

The initial idea for FeeFighters was mine (Sean) based on my frustration in shopping for credit card processing for another business that I owned. To deal with my frustration, my first step was not initially to start FeeFighters. First I learned as much as I could about credit card processing, so I could get a […]

I saw that the new search engine Blekko updated their search results to remove 1.1 million domains. I got pretty excited, because it’s always good to get rid of spam, and I was hoping that maybe they’d gotten rid of the spammy sites that rank above us for common search terms “Credit Card Processing” or “Merchant Account.” Unfortunately, Blekko’s results […]

Not long ago, we decided to create an additional domain for a new tool on our website. This tool was sufficiently unique that we wanted to give it its own identity… while still tying it into the TransFS.com branding. Obviously, we could have just created a new Rails app and coded up a website with […]

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