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Rampant speculation. Overvaluation. Unrealistic growth expectations. With such language being used to describe current market conditions we can’t help but wonder – are we headed for another Dot-Com bubble? FeeFighters teamed up with our buddies at Kissmetrics to produce the infographic to help you decide whether we’re in a bubble or just a boom. Click on the image […]

Lately we have received emails from customers and friends who say things like “I saw your ad on the Chicago Tribune” or “You guys must be spending on a lot on marketing.  I see your ads everywhere.”   In both these examples people are being retargeted by FeeFighters with a display ad.  Here is an […]

A new study out by Babson College reveals a lot about entrepreneurship—some of which seems contrary to what we think we know. For instance, most people would assume that the kids of an entrepreneur would grow up and begin their own business, but according to the study, having parents who own their own business has no effect […]

Today’s economic numbers were less than thrilling. If your business is still struggling in the sluggish economy, it might be time to take a look at things a little differently.  Many small business owners are using this time try out novel ideas, here are a few ideas: Pair Up Have you ever done business with […]

The products that you buy from suppliers and vendors likely account for a large portion of your expenses.  While it may seem like a lot of trouble to ask for  and then negotiate a 2% savings on your invoices, those tiny percentage points can add up to big dollars annually.  Before you approach your suppliers and […]

Since most small business owners rely on their personal credit to set up accounts with vendors and get credit in other venues, it’s important to maintain the best possible credit rating.  And in order to do that, you have to know what areas of your credit history affect that score.  Here’s a rundown of the […]

  Banks have been in the news recently for their unwillingness to give loans to small businesses. Just how bad is the small business loan market? The infographic below speaks for itself.

What is the BBB? Many people mistakenly think that Better Business Bureau is a government agency that is a consumer watchdog making sure that companies do no wrong. Unfortunately, that is completely false, just an image that the company gives. The BBB is legally a C-Corporation that is much closer to the mafia of old, the guys who went […]

Three of the FeeFighters have MBAs.  Four of us spent time as management consultants and another guy was a banker in a past life. Everyone seems to hate MBAs / Bankers / Consultants in the startup world… so why do we like them? First – what do the “experts” say about MBA’s? Mark Suster says the […]

I graduated from college in the summer of 2009, the heart of the recession, when having jobs upon graduation was a mere memory of better economic times. The summer before I had a consulting gig at a Big Four firm which offered me a full time job post graduation. Mind you, this was the summer of […]

In my last post I talked about why you should leave your corporate job and join a startup.   In this post I want to talk about how you can get a job at an awesome startup like FeeFighters. When I left to join a startup I had 7 years of commercial banking experience, which […]

This week has been hot for mobile payments with Square’s dashing product launch and today’s news from Google. Some analysts purport that Google is throwing its hat in the ring to compete with Square in the mobile space…but does today’s announcement really toe the line with Square? Here’s a quick analysis of the news and […]

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