Chargebacks are debit or credit card charges that have been disputed by customers. Sometimes these come in the form of chargeback fraud, but other times they are legitimate. When a chargeback happens, you have to deal with the acquiring bank and other entities in order to dispute it. Regardless of the reason for any given […]

Chargebacks are a a part of doing business, but do you know the steps to take when your business rebuts the chargeback? Follow this guide to help you make the most effective case and save your business from loss of profits. Check it out now!

Chargeback prevention is an important part of your business in order to not cut into your profits. The simple methods outlines in the article can help your business prevent unnecessary chargebacks. Read it today and stop wasting time and money on chargebacks!

Chargeback fraud is quickly growing as credit cards are more and more widely used, especially in online transactions. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about chargeback fraud so you can be an educated business owner. Check it out now!

Any business that accepts credit cards will run into chargebacks. This article will provide all the information you need on chargebacks and help you understand them so you can minimize these disruptions to your business. Check it out now!

Tis the season for…chargebacks. What exactly is a chargeback, and what happens when one occurs? More importantly, what should you as a merchant do to deal with chargebacks and how can you prevent them in the future? Sean answers these questions in this week’s FeeFighters Weekly Kick.   What is a Chargeback Video Transcript: This kick […]

Your chargeback ratio is the number of chargebacks divided into the number of total credit card processing transactions.  If your chargeback ratio gets too high your merchant account could get restricted. For example there could be a reserve, or your account could get canceled. Different underwriters choose to calculate chargeback ratios in different ways. Some will look atHow old an account […]

Merchant account chargebacks are a giant pain and are best avoided.  When a customer sees a charge that she doesn’t recognize on her card statement she can call the credit card company (issuing bank) and dispute the charge.  When that happens it is a chargeback. The credit card company will send notice to the credit […]

Earlier this year the guys at 37signals wrote an informative post about how they limited chargebacks. In it they shared their history of changes that reduced chargebacks little by little. This culminated in an innovative idea to create a website that explained 37signals’ charges to their customers. The URL of this site was then used as […]

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