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Closing a merchant account is a process that all business owners should be familiar with. Go about it the wrong way and you could befit with fees, retained funds or other challenges. Fortunately, these are easily avoided with some tips and best practices. Keep reading and learn everything you need about this process.

Sometimes people will ask what we do. Basically we translate credit card into english and act like an accountant or lawyer fighting for our clients money. Here is a video of us explaining some of the fees on a statement.

Your customers want to pay with credit cards. That means your business pays a processing fee. This guide will help you understand everything there is to know about credit card processing fees. Check it out now!

Credit cards are the way of the world these days. It is important as a business owner to understand everything related to credit card processing fees and rates to ensure you are maximizing profits while minimizing expenses. Check out this article to learn everything you need to know about credit card processing fees.

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