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There are so many payment gateways to choose from. This guide will help you determine the one that is the best fit for your business. Check it out now!

Card not present transactions are becoming more and more common. That means as a small business owner you need to understand how to process these transactions while avoiding fraud, which could lead to major profit losses for your business. Check out this article to learn more!

FeeFighters Saves Campus Coffee Shop $7,000 in Annual Credit Card Processing Fees Manndible Café Uses Free Online Comparison Shopping Site to Reduce Inflated Processing Fees, Slash Card Expenses by 40% and End Contract Nightmare that Sapped Profits and Owner’s Patience “How can I be paying more?” an outraged Pam Gueldner wondered. As co-owner of the Manndible […]

This article originally appeared on informed-merchant.com, a blog started by one of our founders, Sean, before he started FeeFighters. If you want to process transactions over the internet, you will need a payment gateway.  I often find that people are confused about what the payment gateway does vs. what the merchant account provider does.  I […]

Tis the season for…chargebacks. What exactly is a chargeback, and what happens when one occurs? More importantly, what should you as a merchant do to deal with chargebacks and how can you prevent them in the future? Sean answers these questions in this week’s FeeFighters Weekly Kick.   What is a Chargeback Video Transcript: This kick […]

We are frequently asked “how much is interchange”, in particular by online businesses. Interchange is the highly complicated system by which Visa and Mastercard charge the merchant money which is then passed along to the card issuer (i.e. Capital One or MBNA / Bank of America). It makes up the majority of the fees a […]

This week, the FeeFighters Weekly Kick is about gateways. Sean, the CEO of FeeFighters, explains exactly what is a gateway and why you might need to have one. For more about gateways, click here.   What is a Gateway Video Transcript: To accept credit cards online, you need not only a credit card processing account, also […]

It seems as simple as sliding a credit card through the terminal and signing a slip, but what actually happens behind the scenes is a pretty intricate process. Information flows through many different channels, so take a look at this infographic to get a behind the scenes look at what happens when a credit card […]

FeeFighters uses Interchange Plus pricing in our credit card processor marketplace. The biggest chunk of change that processors charge is Interchange, but what does that really mean? Two of the things that confuse merchants the most are: Why they are charged different amounts when different kinds of cards are used Who gets to keep the […]

A FeeFighters user recently asked this question: Sometimes I see entities refer to themselves as credit card processors and sometimes as ISOs. What is the difference between these two? Here is our answer: The Green Sheet defines credit card processors (also known as merchant account providers) as: Processor: A processor is any entity that is physically […]

Your chargeback ratio is the number of chargebacks divided into the number of total credit card processing transactions.  If your chargeback ratio gets too high your merchant account could get restricted. For example there could be a reserve, or your account could get canceled. Different underwriters choose to calculate chargeback ratios in different ways. Some will look atHow old an account […]

FeeFighters is a growing company based in New Jersey. The company offers credit card comparison services and negotiates to reduce the existing fees if the companies are unprepared to change their processors.   Most technology fans prefer Newegg as their online electronics retailer. Newegg is one of the latest companies to be hit by a […]

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