Often times when I’m shooting the breeze with people who run startups, a question that comes up is  “How do people find you?” There is no secret sauce, and the answer is different for different companies.   For us, there are 6 main ways that we think people find us. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – […]

This is a guest post from our friends at ReTargeter. By now virtually everybody knows that online advertising is crucial to driving sales and spreading awareness for your business. Over $72 billion will be spent on ads in the United States alone by the end of 2011, and online advertising is the fastest growing segment of […]

We weren’t having a ton of success with Facebook ads, so we decided to try an experiment. I read an article, where a startup found out that its best performing Facebook ad was one that featured…beer. Now the choice of featuring beer is interesting because our target audience is business owners who are interested in credit […]

Lately we have received emails from customers and friends who say things like “I saw your ad on the Chicago Tribune” or “You guys must be spending on a lot on marketing.  I see your ads everywhere.”   In both these examples people are being retargeted by FeeFighters with a display ad.  Here is an […]

An initiative spawned from the passion and energy of two very different entities has the planet on edge.   FeeFighters raised $41 million! We’ve used that money to merge with the rock band FooFighters, and re-branded ourselves the FoeFighters. From now on, you can visit our new homepage: FoeFighters.com

In an effort to do some targeted advertising, I decided to try Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. My assumption before the experiment was that LinkedIn would be much more effective and have higher CTRs because it is a professional sphere whereas Facebook is more informal. I started with Facebook Ads, designing 3 different ads in […]

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