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We are looking for a few more ninjas to join the FeeFighters.

Want to join our team?

The most important thing is that you get things done. You work incredibly hard on a wide variety of tasks and figure out solutions to hard problems.

We are a fast-paced startup with a Netflix-like culture. We trust our people, and give them plenty of room to explore. You won’t find any policy manuals, expense budgets, or corporate bullshit at FeeFighters. If you are smart, scrappy and driven… you may just be a FeeFighter.

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The FeeFighters Story

We’re a small startup working like mad to disrupt a multi-billion dollar financial industry and cut out tens of thousands of inefficient middle-men. Think of us like Kayak or LendingTree for business financial services.

Business owners hate shopping for financial services, such as credit card processing, because the products are complicated, the shopping process takes a long time and the fine print makes it difficult to get a good deal. At FeeFighters we make shopping for business financial services as easy as buying a plane ticket and save our customers lots of money.

We have users, investors, partners and a product that our customers love. We pay ourselves decent salaries, are generous with equity and we enjoy a fun and stimulating work environment.

Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees with FeeFighters

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