We Turn Your Wasted Card Processing Fees Into Cash: Guaranteed by next month Without Switching Payment Processors

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$ 270,000 per year not wasted in fees.

Dropped fees from 42% to just 7.9% in 2 months.


“Before FeeFighters, we were getting crushed by fees. We found out we were paying a crippling 42% in fees. We were losing money on each order, but all costs were in line except one, credit card fees. The team at FeeFighters adjusted software and negotiated to get fees back in line. Within 2 months we had dropped to 7.9%. We’re lucky we found FeeFighters when we did. Thanks to FeeFighters.”

Patrick M., Awesome Dad’s Shirts

$ 24,000 saved in fees, just last year.

Fast and easy: just with a 10 minute phone call.


“We bought 800 Got-Junk Pittsburg a few years ago and inherited the previous owners payment company. We focused on fixing all of our other issues. We sent a statement and had a 10 minute call. A few days later I got a call that we had saved over $ 24.000 each year which was perfect timing since that helped us pay for new trucks and a bookkeeper.”

Alan Klug, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Over $ 4,200 in payment fees saved.

No need for switching your payment provider.


“I thought I was doing the best and no one could touch my deals. We spoke to FeeFighters and they were still able to save us over $4,200 a year without switching providers. I saw results within a week of speaking to them!”

Matt Yahes, Wedding Favors Unlimited


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Here at FeeFighters we exist to support Entrepreneurs & small business. We’re so sure of our services that we offer a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our services, or you don’t feel it is for you, simply email us and we will work to make it right, or refund you.

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We Bring Big Company Pricing To Small & Medium Companies.

We Fight For Small & Medium Businesses.



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46 Seconds to Discover Thousands of Wasted Dollars in your Business.

82% of companies find $12,000 wasted annually. How much are you losing?


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