A HARO Cautionary Tale: One Reporter’s Annoyance

December 2, 2011

December 2, 2011

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how to get the most from HARO. HARO, help a reporter out, is a tool that journalists use to get sources for stories. If you didn’t think my advice was timely, check out this unusually long request from a top small business blogger looking for a source forSmall Business Trends:10) Summary: Trends in SaaS Web-Based Software for SMBName: TJ McCue Small Business TrendsCategory: Business and FinanceMedia Outlet: Small Business TrendsQuery: Looking ahead to 2012. How online software is affecting small businesses (such as pricing trends, any new categories of software, which categories are hot/which not (such as Dropbox taking the small biz world by storm.)SEE REQUIREMENTS info below. SUPER important.Include whatever thoughts you have in the email itself, in quoteform, with your name, title, company. I will not have time to go to links, open PDFs, or get on a briefing call. Keeping it short makes it more likely I’ll respond or ask for more info. Rambling on and on gets you deleted.Please don’t send a release with how great your company is or some new version you’ve released. Those are automatically deleted…Sorry to be particular, and not intending to be arrogant in any way. I’m open to pitches, but you would be amazed at how unfocused and off-target many direct messages are, even when I make these detailed requirements known.I’m on deadline. That phrase should mean something and explain everything.Here you can see exactly the types of responses TJ gets from other HARO queries and just why most of them are annoying/useless/a waste of time. Use this post as a cautionary tale and make sure to follow make your responses timely, short, and informational.Photo credit

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