Blekko Banned 1.1 Million Spammy Domains, But Still Shows CRAP… and Our Old Domain (changed 8 months ago!)

June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009

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I saw that the new search engine Blekko updated their search results to remove 1.1 million domains. I got pretty excited, because it’s always good to get rid of spam, and I was hoping that maybe they’d gotten rid of the spammy sites that rank above us for common search terms “Credit Card Processing” or “Merchant Account.” Unfortunately, Blekko’s results haven’t changed, and not only do they still have spammy sites, they have sites that aren’t even related to the search terms showing up…

  The site is the 4th result for “merchant account.” FeeFighters, the Credit Card Processing comparison site isn’t in the top 100!If you do search for a term like “compare credit card processing companies” we actually do really well… showing up as the 3rd result.But what’s that link? TransFS? That’s the name we worked SO HARD to get rid of 8 months ago, and deleted it from every corner of the web we could! C’mon Blekko… I’d love a real contender to the Google/Bing duopoly, but what you’re doing isn’t working when you surface a result and title for us that hasn’t existed since August! Where has that $25 million gone? Are you guys even crawling the web? DuckDuckGo does a somewhat better job (though still has a fair amount of spam) and seems to be a pretty good alternative to the beasts… mostly I’m just impressed with what Gabriel has been able to do on his own, though he has a lot of work to do to catch up to the big guys in this space.

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