Chargebacks are debit or credit card charges that have been disputed by customers. Sometimes these come in the form of chargeback fraud, but other times they are legitimate. When a chargeback happens, you have to deal with the acquiring bank and other entities in order to dispute it. Regardless of the reason for any given […]

Stripe is one of the world’s most popular options for credit card processing, payment gateways, and merchant accounts for business owners. But how does Stripe make money on the services they provide? Fees One of Stripe’s primary sources of revenue comes through the fees they collect from merchants. We’ll discuss these first. Credit Card Processing […]

Stripe and PayPal are known as two of the most user-friendly and versatile merchant account and payment gateway providers available. When it comes to payment processing partners, they are two of the top choices for small business owners. However, one common question from merchants is whether or not Stripe can payout revenues to their PayPal […]

The transportation and moving industry has unique needs when it comes to merchant services like payment processors, merchant accounts, and POS systems. This article will talk a little bit about what your merchant services options are if you own a transportation company, along with some special considerations and potential roadblocks you might encounter. Let’s get […]

Sofi Loans is a company offering a number of different types of loans to customers. To that end, Sofi offers personal loans, mortgage loans, student loans, private loans, and other types. Here, we’ll dive into their offerings and tell you more about what they are, and more importantly, whether or not their loans are a […]

When you’re trying to choose a payment gateway provider, all the choices can be overwhelming. There are some great companies out there, all offering a variety of products, options, and packages. It can be hard at first glance to tell what the pros and cons of are for each. This post will go through what […]

Stripe is one of the most popular service providers offering payment gateway software solutions for merchants. Stripe takes the process of technical integration with gateways, and makes the process easy for business owners. This post will discuss what Stripe is and how it works, and then outline the pros and cons so you can decide […]

With the incredibly vast selection of POS hardware available for your business, shopping can be overwhelming. Between barcode label printers and POS terminals, you need a system with components that are all compatible with one another. You also have a whole slew of different brands to consider, all offering hardware with different POS features. But […]

When it comes to running a business, credit card fees are a fact of life. These fees come in many forms, and each takes a small chunk out of every single transaction you process, so limiting them just a little bit can net you enormous savings in the long run. With a few tips, and […]

In the world of credit card processing, there are endless companies that provide merchant accounts and credit card processing services. But many are opportunistic, offering low-quality or outright scam-like service that will do anything they can to make some quick money—even if it means ripping off honest business owners like you. The worst merchant accounts […]

When you read the features of a certain credit card, explanations of the fees tend to look like they’re in a foreign language. Whether it’s a rewards card or a card meant just for business owners, there lots of numbers, talk of different fees and rates, cash advances, monthly fees, balance transfers, yields, and all […]

The world of beauty and self-care is continuing to grow and expand. From trending hair treatments to timeless deep tissue massages, salons and spas have the opportunity to greatly diversify their services to meet the needs of every woman and man. However, a salon is only as profitable as their payment process is convenient and […]

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