If your business uses a payment gateway or is thinking about using one to facilitate online and mobile payments, take a look at this article to help you understand the fees involved .

As a business owner, you know the necessity go a payment gateway. Do you know the different types of payment gateways? Check out this comparison guide to ensure you are using the one that maximizes your business’ profits. Read more now!

This article originally appeared on informed-merchant.com, a blog started by one of our founders, Sean, before he started FeeFighters. If you want to process transactions over the internet, you will need a payment gateway.  I often find that people are confused about what the payment gateway does vs. what the merchant account provider does.  I […]

At FeeFighters, we’ve been helping business owners comparison shop credit card processors for years. One complaint kept resurfacing over and over for online merchants: what to do about the gateway? Learn a little bit about a samurai economics mindset.

If you’re working in a startup, chances are the only project managements tool you have around is your whiteboard. The whiteboard is great for brainstorming ideas, but as your company continues to grow and you bring on more and more people, you might want to upgrade to a more formal web-based project managment tool. Learn some secrets about productivity in this article.

Imagine making a number of important purchasing decisions on your small business’s credit card with your current interest rate in mind, only to receive a notice from your credit card company shortly thereafter, informing you that your rate had been doubled for no reason. Seems like a money-wasting nightmare, but it’s actually the case for why small business owners must garner debt stability in the new business credit card environment. See more now!

At FeeFighters, we’re constantly on conference calls with other companies. We’re a scrappy startup, so we use free services when we can. I’ve been using a free conference call line from freeeconferencecall.com for the past year, and wondering – how is it free? I chose freeconferencecall because they were the first link on a google […]

Your coworker is late. You’re angry. “He’s always late!” you say to yourself. Instead of thinking of the myriad of external sources that could potentially explain his tardiness, you default to the fact that he is always late. Does this sound familiar? When we do this, we are guilty of the fundamental attribution error, a psychological […]

Say PCI Compliance and most business owners will shudder. For ecommerce companies, there is an easy way to get PCI compliant using Samurai via our Javascript integration. Here’s a video of Sean explaining exactly how it works.   Video Transcript: Hi, I’m Sean from FeeFighters and I want to tell you right now about what I […]

  Samurai, FeeFighters’ new gateway, is so elegant and easy to use, we decided to write a press release in haiku to tell you about it.   Samurai, The New Simple and Powerful Way To Accept Payments FeeFighters Launches Samurai to Simplify Gateway Marketplace Chicago, IL 9/21/2011 FeeFighters Launches Samurai, a feature rich gateway that’s awesome. […]

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