3 Metrics to Watch For in Ecommerce

December 21, 2011

December 21, 2011

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Sure you have a website and maybe you even have lots of traffic. But in the grand scheme of website marketing, that’s really not the most important goal to achieve.  After all, A website owner who experiences tons of traffic can still be slow in sales.  That’s why it’s important that if you run a website, you understand what you should be looking for in your online traffic.  Here are a few things to remember when doing your own analytics.New Customer HitsYes, you want your website and company name known, but you don’t necessarily want your visitors landing on your homepage after searching for your name.  The point to having a website is attracting new customers who have never heard of you, and if your analytics show that most of your visitors are coming to your site by searching for your name, you’ve got some work to do. Are Your Visitors Ready to Buy?It’s not enough that people come to your site—they need to be there to buy your products or services.  Your analytics will tell you what keywords brought them in, and then you’ll know whether you’re targeting the right visitors.  For instance, if you run a greeting card site, those visitors who come by searching for “cards” or “birthday” may not end up as customers, but those who search for “princess greeting cards” or “80thbirthday cards” are more likely to buy what they’re looking for.Do Your Visitors Stay or Go?If visitors come to your site, only to leave after only viewing your home page, then you have a bounce problem.  It could be that your homepage isn’t designed in a way that leads visitors on to the next step, is too confusing or it loads too slow.  There may not be enough content on the site to give them the information they need to buy, or they may not see a logical way to do so.  If your bounce rate is higher than 60 percent, then you likely need to analyze your homepage and figure out how to better engage your visitors.Use good old Google Analytics or tools like GetClicky to monitor your site on a regular basis.

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