We Spent $1951 on Facebook Ads Featuring Beer. Here’s What Happened.

July 20, 2011

July 20, 2011

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We weren’t having a ton of success with Facebook ads, so we decided to try an experiment. I read an article, where a startup found out that its best performing Facebook ad was one that featured…beer.Now the choice of featuring beer is interesting because our target audience is business owners who are interested in credit card processing (and I think beer is disgusting). Traditionally, credit card processing ads are about the most boring, jargon filled, misleading, text based ads available. Here’s what our beer ad looked like:I wondered whether beer was really the answer in getting people to click on our lackluster Facebook ads. Here’s who we targeted: We opted not to do the “likes” because we were more interested in getting business owners to click on the ad and run an auction on FeeFighters. So what was the result? This ad got served over 357,496 times and was clicked on by 821 people. This resulted in a CTR of 0.018%…one of our best performing CTRs.However, as you might imagine, the people who clicked on this ad were much lower intent than those who clicked on more explicit ads. When looking at our funnel analytics through KISSmetrics, we found that out of all of those clicks only one resulted in someone running an auction on FeeFighters to compare credit card processing bids. That means our CPA for the beer ad was …$1951. Ouch. 

Couple of takeaways from this experiment:

1) Even beer can’t make credit card processing fun.2) Though we are still experimenting with messaging, Facebook ads (though cheaper) may not be the most effective place to put advertising dollars.3) When people clicked on our ad, it took them to our homepage, which we’ve found generally does a better job of converting users than landing pages. Maybe for the beer ad, a fun landing page would have worked better.Photo Credit

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