What is the Next Pinterest?

July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011

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Initially launched in 2010, Pinterest has quickly jumped from being the secret of a cool few to one of the lead sources of head scratching from men everywhere. While some might argue that social bookmarking could replace the actual act of consumerism itself, there is no doubt that sites like Pinterest can also serve to propel product sales with their viral outreach.

So what has the potential to be the next online or mobile product sharing craze? Here are the contenders.

Svpply – Svpply is true social sharing, linking users through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. In addition to following the finds of favorite friends and businesses, visitors can also bookmark their own wishlist items from over 7,000 online retail sites.
Coolest feature: Unlike other social sharing sites that allow users to post non-retail links to items, Svpply eliminates the pesky inconvenience of coveting something un-buyable. A mouseover on any product on Svpply pulls up an informational bar with quick item details, including a direct link to buy.

Curisma – Tech product sharing site Curisma helps you channel your inner Kanye West, which is to say, someone with infinite resources, better taste and probably more insufferable than you. Curismatic users earn points and are ranked by the breadth and popularity of their product finds.
Coolest feature: Visitors to Curisma will find tons of must-have items that suddenly seem necessary to life itself – even if their actual function is not entirely clear.

Snapette – A location-driven iPhone app, Snapette is one part Instagram mixed with two parts Foursquare, and a little splash of Tumblr thrown in for good measure. Fashionably inclined users (or “Snapettes”) employ their mobile phones to take shots of favorite shopping finds and upload them for other Snapettes to discover.
Coolest feature: Snapette helps users easily track down where to find favorite brick-and-mortar items with Google Maps markers.

Mistash – Mistash is a “social product catalog,” or as I like to call it, “Pinterest for dudes.” Users “stash” shared photos instead of “pinning” them, and any questions about the target audience should be cleared up by the old timey mustache logo.
Coolest feature: In addition to bookmarking wishlist items and recently purchased products, users can share favorite products that they used to own, leading to some fun to read nostalgia posts.

Mlkshk –Functionality-wise Mlkshk could be considered the most similar to Pinterest out of the bunch, but with far less pearl clutching (remember when this image scandalized the Pinterest sweater set?). Shared images and videos tend to run more along the lines of the next hilarious internet meme instead of shabby chic cupcake wedding inspiration.
Coolest feature: An optional NSFW filter keeps the mood light and avoids viewing any potentially embarrassing product finds in the non-privacy of your cubicle.

What’s your pick for the next great social sharing or bookmarking site?

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