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We Save Entrepreneurs Money By Reducing Credit Card Processing Fees Without Changing Providers.

Learn how a 10 minute call can save you hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands each month.

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FeeFighters Mission

We Bring Big Company Pricing for Small & Medium Companies. We Fight for Small & Medium Business Owners.

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See How FeeFighters Saved $270,000 / yr for Patrick.

We Negotiate Credit Card Fees Saving Entrepreneurs the Most Money on Payment Processing.

Case Studies

Patrick M

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"Before FeeFighters, we were getting crushed by fees. We found out we were paying a crippling 42% in fees.

We were losing money on each order, but all costs were in line except one, credit card fees.

The team at FeeFighters adjusted software and negotiated to get fees back in line. Within 2 months we had dropped to 7.9%.

We’re lucky we found FeeFighters when we did.

Thanks to FeeFighters."

Dropped Fees From

42% to 7.9% in 2 Months!

Saving $270,000 per Year!



Alan Klug


10 min call that saved $24K every Year

"We bought 800 Got-Junk Pittsburg a few years ago and inherited the previous owners payment company. We focused on fixing all of our other issues. 

We sent a statement and had a 10 minute call. 

A few days later I got a call that we had saved over $24k which was perfect timing since that helped us pay for new trucks and a bookkeeper."




Matt Yahes

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Saved $4200/year Without Switching Providers

"I thought I was doing the best and no one could touch my deals.

We spoke to Fee Fighters and they were still able to save us over $4200 a year without switching providers.

I saw results within a week of speaking to them!"

Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees with FeeFighters

Our money-saving methods offer you the right strike to increase your marginal profits. Be Helped by a Money-Saving Ninja.

Stress Free Comparison

Speak to an independent advisor to understand and compare processors

We can help with Low Risk and High Risk Accounts





Do I have to Switch Processors?

No, you don't have to switch processors at all.

Will this be time consuming for me?

This can take as little as 10 minutes of your time.

Our team can work with your team if that's easier.

What is your guarantee?

If we don't save you at least $1,000 USD in the first year, our service is free.

What's the least I can save?

The average of saving are over $12,000 a year

The only way we know for sure is to look at a statement since each company and persons rates are different. 

How do you protect my personal information?

In addition to Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption, we have policies that limit access to your information to keep you safe. 

With a background in banking and payments, we use best practices to make sure your privacy is always front and center.  

How long do I have to wait until I see results?

Our clients usually see results the following statement, with full savings being seen typically in 2-3 months

Can I switch from one plan to another?

For the first 45 days you can switch plans, after that, we can't make changes to your pricing plan. 

You wouldn't Practice Dentistry on Your own...


Negotiate Credit Card Payment Fees

Fill out the form and we'll send you a Free custom savings estimate.

Save Money Without Changing Processors

Everyone in payments wants you to change processors to save some money but the secret is you don't have to switch to get savings, you just need to understand how to read a statement and negotiate in a foreign language called “Bank Fees Language”.

It's not your fault because no sales person wants to show you where they are making money or that they are making money out of you and your business. We take the profits from the banks hands and put it into your pocket.

FeeFighters is designed to bring big company payment processing to small and medium companies.

We negotiate for you to make sure you are getting the best rate possible by using our years of experience selling just like everyone else. This is how we learned to speak the Bank Fees Language and it’s how we lower your fees.

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