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FeeFighters In a Nutshell

FeeFighters is a comparison shopping website for credit card processing. Our unique auction process and comparison engine allows us to save businesses 40% and more on their credit card processing. FeeFighters is quick and simple and all of the processors that bid on our site are vetted by the FeeFighters to ensure ethical behavior and top-notch service.

The FeeFighters Story

FeeFighters first emerged in 2008 out of the frustrations of Sean Harper as he was building an ecommerce store focused on satellite radio equipment and accessories. FeeFighters has been fighting to bring lower rates and greater flexibility in payment processing to small businesses for 3 years offering comparison of credit card processors. In Mach 2012 FeeFighters joined forces with Groupon so we could help even more small businesses with payments.

After acquisition, the site was shut down. One of the customers loved the site and acquired the domain to rebuild and improve upon what was there. Matt Mandell is a serial entrepreneur who also was frustrated by the lack of transparency and how much complexity was involved in accepting payments. Having operated many eCommerce businesses over the years and mentoring, he knew a better deal was out there and knew there had to be a better way.

Our team and founder have built businesses and have run into the huge problem that is shopping for, and comparing, credit card processing options. They are now working hard to make sure no business has to go through the hassle again.

We don’t play the short game, as Seth Godin says on his Akimbo podcast, we are playing the infinite game and in this to recommend the best options for each person who trusts us with their business.

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