Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

September 19, 2008

September 19, 2008

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I love Tuesday. Not the actual day…Tuesday is our company dog. Sean (our CEO) brings her to the office almost every day and she lights up the office.Every morning, she has the same routine: we hear her dogtags jingling as she runs up the stairs and then she comes and lets each one of the FeeFighters say good morning to her (some sort of petting/cuddling). Here are three direct benefits to having Tuesday around:1) She Lightens the Mood- Whenever there are stressful times, Tuesday is there to be warm, cuddly, and remind us that this too shall pass (whatever it is). Her presence also ensures that no one will take him/herself too seriously. Since most of the time we are talking about something related to business and/or credit card processing, a quick lick from Tuesday reminds us about our greater purpose.2) She’s Acts as an Icebreaker- We’re located in a great coworking space with lots of other startups. Talking about Tuesday (and how much everyone loves her) always gets conversations started. She makes other people happy and we get credit for bringing her. When startups are all focused on tasks at hand, we often forget to ask each other what’s going on in the company. Tuesday Talk is a gateway for more important conversations.3) She Makes Us Healthier-Along with lightening the mood, Tuesday’s puppylike nature makes us laugh frequently. Everyone knows that laugher is the best medicine, but did you know that laughing also boosts your immune system and prevents heart disease? It’s a win for everyone.Tuesday is cute, loveable, and sweet. She’s a crucial member of the FeeFighters team and reminds us about what’s really important in life: laughter and friendship.

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