5 Blogs Every Startup Founder Needs To Follow

February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012

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One of the coolest parts of being part of the startup community is the amount of information and success / failure secrets that are shared between founders. Here are some high-quality resources for learning great lessons from world’s top entrepreneurs and investors.


If you want the ultimate guide to entrepreneurship, Mixergy is the site for you. Mixergy founder Andrew Warner, a very successful entrepreneur himself, has interviewed over 600 successful entrepreneurs who posted over 45 entrepreneurship courses on Mixergy, which you can access for free or for a small monthly fee. Make sure to check out the Mixergy  “PR on a Budget” course from FeeFighters very own Stella Fayman.


NYC Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures is one of very few VCs who actually blogs. His blog, A VC, offers thoughts on everything from women entrepreneurs to interesting products at conferences to how his own wife and daughter use technology to management advice for entrepreneurs and much more.


The Lean Startup Movement pioneer Eric Ries writes about some great startup lessons he and other entrepreneurs learned on his blog, StartupLessonsLearned. Eric Ries is a big believer in testing your idea with the least possible work, and then improving your product based on data you get from your customers or pivoting quickly if your minimum viable product is not a success. If you’re interested in learning more about this type of more efficient and data-driven product testing for startups, make sure to also check out Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup.

Paul Graham

Paul Graham is one of the top influencers in Silicon Valley due to the popularity of his top startup incubator, Y Combinator, which invests a small amount of money into many startups who are mentored by top entrepreneurs and investors for 3 months while developing their startup and preparing it for VC funding. Paul Graham is a successful entrepreneur himself – he sold a company for millions of dollars in the 90s – and his experience with funding and mentoring over 380 top-notch startups over the years makes his essays a must-read for every startup founder. Also make sure to follow Hacker News, a very popular Y Combinator news aggregator for hackers.

Signal VS Noise

Chicago-based 37Signals, the successful company behind the Signal VS Noise blog, always offers interesting and unique perspectives about business optimization in every area from user experience design to email marketing to productivity to deciding which features to include in the next iteration of your product. That’s right, I called it a business because unlike many Silicon Valley startups, 37Signals has always been about building useful products which they can charge money for. Take a look at their blog, and if you like their philosophy, I highly recommend reading their book Rework.What is your favorite startup blog?This is a guest post from Natasha Murashev, a former FBI agent turned Googler who is now learning Ruby on Rails and working on her own startup.Photo Credit

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