[Case Study] iBeatWalmart Says FeeFighters “Care About Customer Service”

February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011

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iBeatWalmart is a website that helps small business owners struggling to keep up with corporations such as the one in its name. Luckily, when they set up their payment processor, they found FeeFighters to facilitate a smooth process.Stella: Tell us about iBeatWalMart. How did you come up with the idea? When did you start it?Tyler: iBeatWalmart is a website with one mission and that is to promote doing business with your local neighborhood store instead of a faceless corporation. We want to make it cool to shop locally and know who you’re dealing with like the good ole days when you knew Jerry the Butcher, Mike the grocer and so on. There are a handful of companies and obviously one in particular that are so big and powerful that something has got to be done about it and that’s what we’re aiming to do.I came up with the idea because I’ve always preferred to shop at small local stores instead of the huge stores and as being in an entrepreneurial family and owning businesses, I’ve experienced the competition from big box stores even though they may have an inferior product that costs more money simply because the consumer doesn’t know where else to go. I’ve got a lot of respect for small business owners as well as their employees and I wanted to help them get exposure. I hired my developer last January and we went live just a couple of months ago. We are still tweaking the site.Stella: How did you start evaluating your options for payment processing?Tyler: I basically searched online, found you and was very happy from the get go with my queries being answered as I was very green. My rep was friendly, knowledgeable and I felt as if he genuinely wanted to find me the best deal.Stella: How did you hear about FeeFighters?Tyler: My developer…he knows everything!Stella: What aspects did you like?Tyler: Again, I felt like they cared. The customer service was great. For someone just starting out, that is very important.Stella:What happened after you chose a processor? Was getting set up difficult? Did you have any challenges?Tyler: It was very quick and easy. I even got an email from you immediately after with some questions about my site and that impressed me. You’ve been very personable. I obviously like dealing with people on a relationship level as opposed to a robot taking my money and not knowing anything or caring about it. Your staff is awesome!Stella: Aww, you’re making me blush! How are things going now?Tyler: Riding the roller coaster!,talking to people, listening to them and working to make IBW the most helpful it can be for the hardest working people out there.

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