[Case Study] Yahoo! Store Explores Options for Credit Card Processing

April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011

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Did you know that the online gnome buying market is a burgeoning business? Today we’re talking to Andy Nadler from  a rather unique business called Forward Momentum  which made its start selling garden gnomes online.

Stella: I certainly did not know that gnomes could be sold online. Just goes to show you that there is always a market for even the most unique products. How did you start Forward Momentum?Andy: Forward Momentum was formed after having success with our first eCommerce site.  GnomeFrenzy.com was doing well and we wanted to grow the company way beyond just having an eCommerce store.  So, we created Forward Momentum which has a laser focus vision of Spreading Joy.  We do that by helping companies come up with fun and unique products, designing them, and following through all the way to manufacturing.  We work with companies in the entertainment industry as well as not-for-profit companies in need of product expansion or who are simply looking for a new product to raise money.  We also have our own line of products we are developing and expanding to sell our products wholesale along with the 3 retail eCommerce websites we currently run: GnomeFrenzyUltimate Sports Decor, and Mascot Frenzy.Stella: Great. So what was your initial payment processing experience like?Andy: Our first payment processor was PayPal.  For our second site, we used ChasePaymentech because the developer recommended them to us.  I didn’t even think about changing until we met you guys at MidVenturs Launch last year.Stella: Ah yes, that was a great event. I’m glad we met. So did you end up using FeeFighters? What was the process like?Andy: The process was simple.  We use a Yahoo store and with the first company we selected, we didn’t realize that they weren’t compatible with Yahoo! Stores, so we had to go through the process again, but Sean was very helpful.  I really appreciated the personal attention to get a processor that we could work with.Stella: Were you happy with your decision?Andy: We are very pleased with our processor.  Receiving money to our bank account is faster and less expensive.  I recommend you guys to everyone I meet who has an eCommerce store.Stella: Awesome! Thanks. 🙂

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