Does Your Business Need a Facebook Store

March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012

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You may have seen that little Store tab on a Facebook page recently and asked yourself, “does my business need a Facebook store?” On the plus side, many Facebook store applications are free to integrate and launch and everybody and their grandma is on Facebook during all waking hours. On the minus side, are users on Facebook more inclined to make f-commerce purchases or to post pictures of their cat and cyberstalk their ex from high school?

While it’s telling that a number of larger online retailers – Target, Shopbop and Zappos, to name a few – have not yet integrated a store application into their active Facebook pages, it may just be a matter of time before adopting f-commerce becomes a necessity. If the rise of mobile commerce is any indication, the growth of f-commerce could be sudden and explosive. Here are a few ways to make the most of your Facebook store.

Think of it as extra marketing for your business instead of a money making extravaganza. Payvment, one of the most prominent Facebook store apps, allows you create and launch your Facebook store for free (premium and platinum versions are also available) and be added to Payvment’s Shopping Mall, a virtual social commerce bazaar of over 100,000 sellers. The upside, of course, is not to have your products floating alongside somebody’s Etsy rejects, but built-in social sharing features such as Like-gating store discounts and front page placement for bestselling items.

Use it to connect with customers and fans (and possibly convert sales). Facebook and other social networking sites offer the unparalleled opportunity to get instant customer feedback on products, especially from users who might not otherwise engage via more traditional routes like emailing customer service or LiveChat. Interaction is easy and casual, and while some comments may be throwaways (“OMG lulz”), you might also get some real insights (“love this dress but wish you would carry larger sizes”). You can openly chat with customers and answer their questions, and an integrated f-store enables them to seamlessly buy items without leaving Facebook. Some customers may even place more trust in the safety of Facebook transactions, no matter how much your store’s shopping cart puts the Secure in SSL.

Get a whole new set of analytics. You may have an entirely different demographic of user who likes to shop your products through social networking sites rather than visit your actual ecommerce store. Creating a separate Facebook store campaign in your Google Analytics account can provide a better understanding of your core social networking users and their shopping habits, allowing you to tailor your f-commerce offerings and possibly even changing the way your main ecommerce site does business.

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