PCI Compliance Got You Down? Check out Samurai’s Javascript Integration

December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

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Say PCI Compliance and most business owners will shudder. For ecommerce companies, there is an easy way to get PCI compliant using Samurai via our Javascript integration. Here’s a video of Sean explaining exactly how it works. Video Transcript:Hi, I’m Sean from FeeFighters and I want to tell you right now about what I think is the best way to avoid PCI Compliance headaches, and that is to use Samurais javascript integration.The key to avoiding PCI and all the security burdens that go along with storing credit card numbers is simply not to store credit card numbers on your server or even to have them pass through. And so the way that our javascript integration works is you use our job, you, you include our javascript code in your checkout process and we actually make an Ajax call basically from the user’s browser to submit the credit card information to our server and then we pass back to the Javascript Library, the credit card token.And then you use a, you can use Ajax then to communicate with our server to actually conduct the transaction, but you’re only sending back and forth and storing this, uh, this token that represents the credit card number rather than the actual credit card number.

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