Start Using Video To Market Your Brand Online

December 10, 2011

December 10, 2011

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First it killed the radio in 80s and now it’s changing the face of online marketing. Video is the way of the future for marketing your brand online and if you still haven’t taken the plunge, it’s about time you do. Video will helps build an audience, extend your reach, and even increase conversion rates for your brand. Here’s five steps to making online video work for your brand.1. Start Broadcasting (Create a Video Channel)The first step to marketing with video is setting up a channel to broadcast on. The two most popular choices are YouTube and Vimeo. Youtube generally gets more traffic (since they rely heavily on search) while Vimeo focuses on high quality videos and a clean player. We suggest using Vimeo for any videos that you embed on your website and Youtube for the content you want people to subscribe to.We like the channel that Home Depot setup. They establish themselves as experts, promote the brands and products that they sell, and put a human face on an otherwise corporate brand. Well done. 2. Maintain Your Brand IdentityYou’ve spent lots of time, energy, and money creating your brand identity. Make sure all that effort translates to your Youtube and Vimeo channels. They should feel like an extension of your website allowing users to transition comfortably to your website when clicking through.Audiotree Music, a Chicago company devoted releasing live music sessions, spent some extra time to make sure their Vimeo channel fit the brand:  3. Answer the WhyAre you selling an app, trying to acquire new users, or selling the hottest new t-shirts? Whatever your end goal, create a short video (no longer than 2 minutes) that tells users why they should pay attention to your brand and how it benefits them. Customer’s are more apt to watch a 30-second video than scroll through pages of your site to get the information that they want.Watch this minute long video from Sparrow Mail App:Sparrow Mail App4. Provide Product Videos or ToursIf you’re selling via an e-commerce site, highlight your products with video demonstrations, tutorial videos, and consumer reviews. According to a study by Internet Retailer in April 2010, product demonstrations can increase online sales up to 85%. Videos also add boost a customer’s confidence about a product, resulting in fewer returns.Zappos pays special attention to this detail adding video tours of every product:  5. Be ConsistentNo matter how you’re marketing your brand online, it’s always important to be consistent. Just like on Facebook and Twitter, you should have a steady stream of video content. Whether your schedule is once a month, once a week, or once a day, is up to you so long as keep making content. If you’re continually providing new content, customers are more likely to check back in more often.Image credit

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