[Weekly Kick] What is a Chargeback?

October 2, 2018

October 2, 2018

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Tis the season for…chargebacks. What exactly is a chargeback, and what happens when one occurs? More importantly, what should you as a merchant do to deal with chargebacks and how can you prevent them in the future? Sean answers these questions in this week’s FeeFighters Weekly Kick.


What is a Chargeback Video Transcript:

This kick is about charge backs, everybody hates chargebacks, but what is it exactly?Basically a charge back is when a customer disputes a charge that they see on their credit card statement and basically they do it for two reasons. The first is they don’t recognize the charge and the second is they’re not happy with the results of the purchase.So when that happens, ultimately the responsibility usually falls to the business, the owner, so the credit card company calls the credit card processor who then notifies the business that charged back has happened.There’s all this paperwork that has to happen, but usually it’s a paper notice or maybe it’s an online thing, but if you’re the business and you’re hit with the charge back, you need to prove two things.First of all, the customer actually made that purchase and second that it was delivered to them and it was what the customer was expecting.The first one, if you are an in person merchant an in person merchant, it’s really easy to prove they made the purchase if you have their signature, but if you’re an online company or or a phone order company, it’s a lot harder. And the sad reality is that usually you end up losing those chargebacks.

So what can you do?

The most important thing is that you’re actually responding to these charge backs when they arrive and disputing them and filling out all the paperwork, which is a giant pain, and believe it or not.A lot of the times people just don’t do it cause they don’t want to. So if you. If you dispute the charge back and you can prove that the customer got the order, you have a reasonably good chance of winning it.And that’s basically.

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