[Weekly Kick] What is a Gateway?

October 2, 2018

October 2, 2018

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This week, the FeeFighters Weekly Kick is about gateways. Sean, the CEO of FeeFighters, explains exactly what is a gateway and why you might need to have one. For more about gateways, click here.


What is a Gateway Video Transcript:

To accept credit cards online, you need not only a credit card processing account, also known as a merchant account, but you also need a gateway.

What is the gateway anyway?

It’s a piece of software hosted software. Software is a service that sits in the middle. It provides an easy to use API that your software sends the transactions into. It wraps some logic around, it, keeps a record of the transaction, and then sends a transaction on to the credit card processing.

Why can’t you just send it directly to the credit card processor?

The reason why is that they’re very particular about who connects to their networks, so you actually have to be certified if you want to connect, and it doesn’t make sense for most businesses to do that. That’s what a gateway is.

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