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The Credit Card Processing Calculator

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Credit Card Sales Information


What are your estimated monthly sales?$

Average transaction size?$

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How many credit card transactions do you have in a month?

What are your current monthly credit card processing fees?$

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How Do You Serve Your Customers?


Estimate the percent of your sales that take place:

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In Person %

Phone %

Mail Order %

Do you typically deliver your product or service within 3 days of payment?YesNo

Approximately what percent of your credit card sales are to other businesses? %

Do you typically swipe the customer’s card?YesNo

If you don’t swipe the customers card do you verify their address?YesNo

Do you allow customer to enter their Debit Card PIN?YesNo

Do you accept Discover?YesNo

Do you accept American Express?YesNo


Basic Information About Your Business

What is the name of your business?

Some types of businesses have special rates. Check this list to see if your business is subject to a special rate.(Otherwise just select Other.)OtherUtilitiesTravel AgenciesTransportServicesRetailRestaurants / BarsRecreationProfessional ServicesMail Order / Telephone OrderHotel / MotelGas StationsFood Stores / WarehouseEducationAutomobile / Vehicle RentalAirline


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