The Fastest Way to Savings for your company is Chargeback Management Tool

Chargebacks shouldn’t be complicated and that’s why we’ve built a tool to help you manage them.

Chargebacks shouldn’t be complicated and that’s why we’ve built a tool to help you manage them.

FeeFighters Mission

Keep More Profit In Your Pocket WITHOUT Even Switching Payment Providers! 

Why should smaller companies pay more for earning less? 

We fight to bring big company payment processing (and the benefits) to small and medium size companies. Being taken advantage of through lack of transparency stops today with our quiz: 

How does the Chargeback Management Tool work?

The Right Answers

Using our answers to questions, we make it easy to compile a chargeback response that will save you time and get your company on the right track and tackle the chargeback issue.

Reason Code

Each chargeback has a reason code; this is why the customer is telling the bank their chargeback is being issued. These codes change with each processor and you can find info buried in a 900+ page document.

Secret Weapon

Our system allows you to enter the reason code, and like Game Genie for Nintendo, we give you the cheat codes… exactly what to provide and what to say to get the best chances to win each chargeback.

Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees with FeeFighters: 

No need to switch your provider 

Finally have someone in your corner 

Get help with high and low risk accounts 

New Fee For not Answering Charge Backs

Since Visa’s changes in June 2018, there is a New Fee for not Answering Chargebacks.

“Chargebacks are the bain of every store owners existence. They are time-consuming, annoying, And confusing. This usually causes store owners to stop responding altogether. Though no one ever told me when I owned a store… There is a better way.”

Robert Mclay, Owner

You wouldn’t Practice Dentistry on Your own…


Chargeback Management Tool

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