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Try Samurai Gateway Right Now sinatra demo

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30 seconds, 19 lines of code

We made this cool Ruby demo to show you how easy it is to get started with Samurai. But don’t worry, we’ve got support for your language too.

1 Download and install the required gems by running the following command

Shell Command

gem install bundler && curl -s -o Gemfile && bundle install

2 Run bundle exec ruby, paste the following script, and press Enter


require ‘rubygems’; require ‘bundler’; Bundler.require; require ‘open-uri’Samurai.options = { :merchant_key=>’e84803ad9cf61cb21405ab79′, :merchant_password=>’a368e3adcd41a4ed29e7bc3c’, :processor_token=>’0c7eeeb8cc23a79f381bc886′ }get ‘/’ do erb(:index); endlayout :index do <<-__HTML__ <!doctype html><html><head> <link href=”” media=”screen” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”/> <script src=””></script> <script>Samurai.init({merchant_key: ‘<%= Samurai.options[:merchant_key] %>’})</script> </head><body><div><h1>Samurai Demo</h1><hr> <section data-samurai-payment-form></section> <section> <h3>Shopping Cart</h3> <p>(1) Katana Sword: $111.11</p><hr><h3>Accepted Card Types:</h3> <table><tr><th>Valid:</strong></th><td><code style=”border:none;”>4111111111111111</code></td></tr><tr><th>Denied:</strong></th><td><code style=”border:none;”>4242424242424242</code></td></tr><tr><td colspan=’2′><em>All other card numbers will return an error.</em></td></tr></table> </section> <script> Samurai.ready(function(){ var $ = Samurai.jQuery; Samurai.on(‘form’, ‘payment’, function(event, data) { // Attach an event handler to process the transaction $.post(‘/create-transaction’, data.payment_method, function(data) { // Send the payment_method via AJAX to the server var transaction = $.parseJSON(data).transaction; if(transaction.success) { // Update the page to display the results $(‘form’).children(‘.results’).html(‘<h3>Your purchase is complete!</h3><h4>’+transaction.payment_method.payment_method.first_name+’ ‘+transaction.payment_method.payment_method.last_name+’: $’+transaction.amount+’ – ‘+transaction.descriptor+'</h4>’); Samurai.trigger(‘form’, ‘completed’); } else { Samurai.PaymentErrorHandler.forForm($(‘form’)[0]).handleErrorsFromResponse(transaction); } }); }); }); </script> </div></body></html> __HTML__endpost ‘/create-transaction’ do @transaction = Samurai::Processor.the_processor.purchase params[:payment_method_token], 111.11, :description=>’Katana Sword’ @transaction.to_jsonend__END__

  1. Initialize the Samurai ruby gem with your merchant credentials.

  2. Add the Samurai.js script to the page to use our JavaScript API. It gives you nice-looking, secure payment forms for free.

  3. Observe the payment event, and perform the ajax POST to /create-transaction. On complete, display the results and inform Samurai.

  4. Use an AJAX action on the server to process the transaction, via the_processor.purchaseThis action only uses tokenized credit card data, which keeps your server safe & PCI-compliant.

That’s it! Your local server is running!

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