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Square Calculator

Compare Square vs. Merchant Account fees and save your business some money

Square Account Fees

Merchant Account Fees

Among all the options for credit card processing out there, choosing between Square
and a merchant account can be downright confusing. As always, FeeFighters brings you unbiased answers
with the calculations laid out so you can make the best decision for your business.

Put down your spreadsheet and use this nifty tool to figure out which is the best option for your business.



30% Standard

5% Business

30% Debit

35% Rewards

More options? We have some.

Square Account Fees

Percentage Based

Flat fee 2.75%


Per Transaction

Flat fee $0.30


Monthly Fee


iPhone Costs

iPhone/Android Purchase (over 2 years) $0.0
AT&T Monthly Fee $60.00


Total $-.–

Merchant Account Fees

Percentage Based

Average Interchange fee 1.84%
Assessment fee 0.11%
Processor markup 0.15%


Per Transaction

Average Interchange fee $0.1226
NABU / APF $0.019
Processor markup $0.13


Monthly Fee


Terminal Costs

Wireless Nurit 8000 (over 2 years) $16.67
Wireless Monthly Fee $15.00


Total $1204.7

Square Account Details

  • Quick signup process
  • Uses an iPhone or iPad
  • Simple fixed-rate pricing
  • Feature-rich interface with emailed receipts
  • Acts as both processor and gateway

Merchant Account Details

  • Customizable to meet your needs
  • Saves money with merchant specific interchange rates
  • Negotiable fees
  • Proven technology for processing many transactions
  • Supports variety of devices